The Aurora, also known as Northern Lights, seen from Tungenes fyr close to Stavanger. It took a lot of waiting until I could finally see this phenomenon. The different colors are caused by different molecules of our atmosphere, which are hit by the sun ions.

Preikestolen - the famous rock formation which gives you a great view over the Lysefjord. The advantage of the cold winter time is, you can enjoy these moment without many people around you.

Like painted - the sheer endless sunsets in Skandinavia dye the sky in in many colors from deep red to bright yellow. A nice contrast to the otherwise snow covered landscape.

The frozen Frajord - it took a really cold week, until the salty fjordwater was covered by a smooth and strong shield of ice. The ice was extremely clear, because it froze fast in period without much wind.

These bright, long and cloud like areas in the night sky appeared southern of the Aurora you can see to the right. They are not lens flares, but a phenomena called Steve, which the NASA is still exploring.

Ålesund is definitely one of the most beautiful citys in this area of Norway. Especially in the long winter nights, when all the lights turn on, this town really starts to shine.

Me capturing these insane lighting situations around the early winter sunsets at 2 p.m.  We drove in the area around the Atlantic Ocean Road, close to Kristiansund. 

This is Odda in the center of the Hardangerfjord - cought between the water and the mountains, this is definetly one of Norway's must-see places.

Traditional norwegian stave church in Røldal - hundreds of years old. In deep winter all these grave stones will be barried by snow.

Lake in the valley of famous Trolltunga, Odda - there was no wind at this special moment, the water surface is as shiny as a mirror.

Oil rigs in Ølen, Rogaland - the region is known for its traditional oil and fishing industry, the fjord is used for maintanance of those giant floating oil rigs.

The massive Buerbreen glacier next to Odda, Hardangerfjord - Notice the deep blue of the thousands of years old ice.

The rough coastal conditions are preventing any larger plants from growing here - rough Norway.

Wooden hiking path towards Preikestolen, Lysefjord - one of many diffrent landscapes on the way to the top.

A scenery like drawn - it looks like a calm, juicy grassland, but at most times strong winds and rainfall are hitting this coastal region.

One of  Norway's many lighthouses, here in Fjøløy, region Stavanger - the landscape was tinted orange by one of the epic sunsets here.

Public spectacles on Vålandstårnet peak in Stavanger - the blurred lights originate from Stavangers old harbour. Not bad this bokeh for a Tamron travelzoom lens.

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